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Whether you need janitorial service Bakersfield requiring a full time staff, small office cleaning, floor cleaning, Bakersfield office cleaning, floor maintenance or janitorial service, all work is performed with the same caring dedication and meticulous attention to detail.

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Business_Cleaning_Services_Bakersfield,_bakersfield_office_cleaning,Disinfecting COVID-19 Coronavirus Bakersfield

Disinfecting COVID-19 Coronavirus Bakersfield

Disinfecting COVID-19 Coronavirus Bakersfield.  Kern Commercial Cleaning provides professional Covid-19 cleaning services in the greater Bakersfield, Kern county area. 

Our professional disinfecting services can assist you in providing a safer environment for your staff and customers. 

All contact surfaces are cleaned utilizing a germicidal solution. Different colored towels and mops are used for designated areas. We will not use the same towel to clean your toilet and desk, or telephone, or …. you get the picture. We do not risk cross-contamination!   Micro-fiber towels and mops are laundered daily!

Indoor air quality has become a major concern. High efficiency HEPA vacuums retrieve and safely contain up to 99.77% of harmful particles that can trigger asthma & allergies.

As our customer’s say,  “you can feel the clean!”

“The office cleaning service we have had in Bakersfield, CA to date has been wonderful. Although I don’t see your people, I do see that my facility is very well maintained each and every morning. My desk is always clean and I can tell that they have moved items from desk but make every effort to place every thing back in the fashion in which they found it. This seems very small, but I don’t have to search for my things each and every day. It’s these “little details” that make such a big difference!”

Bill Harmon EATON Sales Manager Los Angeles and the Central Coast of California

KERN COMMERCIAL CLEANING provides office cleaning….for your health’s sake!

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